Sales Manager +Plus: Increase Conversions and Drive More Sales for your Team

Empower your sales team with video marketing tools to increase engagement and make more money.


Video Marketing = More Business

Give your team the tools they need to shorten the sales cycle, personalize your brand, increase engagement and drive more sales.

Get your sales emails noticed, collect testimonials from customers across your entire organization, and empower your team to create videos your customers will love.

With a single login to the Sales Manager +Plus account, sales managers have access to their entire sales team’s video email and marketing efforts. Track and evaluate your sales team to ensure they are communicating on message and consistently with video email, empower your team to collect video testimonials from satisfied customers, and leverage branded videos to connect with prospects and customers.


Supercharge your Sales Process with Video Marketing

Perfect for multi-location organizations or companies with virtual sales teams.

Video email drives more conversions and generates more leads than traditional email, and video email is one of the best ways to personalize your brand, build trust, stand out from your competition.

Sales Manager +PLUS

Perfect for multi-location organizations or companies with virtual sales teams

The Tribe Video marketing suite is the perfect tool-set to empower your team to take their communication to the next level. Many companies pair the power of the Tribe Video platform with their own email marketing system for even greater tracking. Third-party email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or MailChimp or marketing automation/CRM platforms like Active Campaign, Saleforce or InfusionSoft make a perfect compliment to our video email tool.

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Monthly Price





Sales Manager +Plus Features

Manage Your Entire Sales Team
Manage 2 or 500 sales people for one small fee
Single Login & Dashboard for Sales Managers
See emails and video content from your entire sales team
Additional Functionality for Managers
Reset or Replace Videos after Processing
FREE Tribe+Plus Account
Manager +Plus comes with a single free unlimited account.
Premium Support
Our goal is your success.

FREE Tribe +PLUS Account with Sales Manager +PLUS

What is the Manager +Plus?

The Manager +Plus account is a super-user account who has access to manage other individual sales accounts, upload and produce videos, and includes additional features that not available to normal Tribe +Plus accounts.

What additional functionality does it offer?

The Manager +Plus account is able to access all assigned accounts with a single login. Additional functionality includes the ability to reset previously accepted videos to change settings such as music and calls to action. Sales Managers using Manager +Plus also have the ability to override previously accepted videos. For example, if the lighting or audio quality wasn’t good or there was a mistake, you have the ability to upload and replace the video.

Who should use the Manager +Plus Plan?

The Manager +Plus plan is perfect for sales teams with more than 2 sale people, organizations with large sales teams, multi-location organizations, or companies with a virtual sales department who want to track the sales performance of their team using video email and other video marketing tools.

Do I have to pay for a separate Tribe +Plus account to be a mangaer?

No! The Manager +Plus plan comes with a FREE Tribe +Plus account.

What's the best way to demo Tribe Video with my clients?

You can either use your free Tribe +Plus account, but this means clients will see everything you are doing for other accounts. We recommend setting up a second account just for demos. Normal monthly fees will apply for the demo account.

Is there a contract for the Sales Manager +Plus plan?

No! All of our services are month-to-month, including the Sales Manager +Plus plan.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes. There is a one-time $250 setup fee.