Story Videos: The Perfect Way to Share Your Value & Experience

Tribe Video makes capturing video stories as easy as click, record, and submit.


Your Customers Would Rather Watch Video

Share your success stories and results with potential clients through story videos.

Video stories and case studies are an engaging way to build trust and share the results of your services with customers.

With Tribe Video, you can share your experience in a memorable, personal and effective way with story videos. You define the 3 questions or topics you want you or your customers to answer, and the Tribe Video platform does the rest. This is the perfect way to guide your customers through sharing the problem they faced, the solution you offered, and the results you achieved for them – in a seamless video with an animated logo, music and custom call-to-action.


The Easiest Way to Create Story Videos

Define the questions and let your customers share their experience in video answers.

Story videos are like extended video testimonials. You create 3 questions or topics you’d like your customers to answer, and one at a time, your customers can record their answers from any device. When they’re done, we turn it into a seamless video you can share on your website, YouTube or social media.

Case Study Videos

Tell your brand’s story and connect with customers in an authentic, information oriented brand video.

It’s no surprise that video is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools for businesses.  Are you ready for this? YouTube has over 1.9 billion users. And a staggering 87% of marketers use video content. According to Cisco by 2021 it will take someone over 5 million years to watch all the video content uploaded to the web in a single month.


Features of Story Video Creator

Direct YouTube Integration
Upload videos directly from your dashboard.
Custom Video Opener / Animated Logo
Customize your videos with animated openers
Write Custom Questions
Create custom prompts for your clients to answer
Custom Call-to-Action Graphics
Add a customized CTA graphic at the end of videos
Manage Videos from Dashboard
Track the progress of videos from the dashboard
Add Music to Videos
Choose your favorite music from our library
Record or Upload from Any Device
Create professional looking videos from any device
Record…and Rerecord till It’s Right!
Record, preview and rerecord any video until it’s perfect
Download Video in MP4 or Raw
Final edited videos can be downloaded in MP4 or Raw

FAQs About Our Story Video Creator

We know you have questions. We have the answers.

What is a story video?

A story or case study video helps in outlining a company’s success or effectiveness or tell a multi-step  story in an engaging and captivating way. Story videos add authenticity to your communication and provide clients with video content that proves your company’s credibility and results.

Can I customize the questions?

Yes! The Tribe Video platform allows you to write 3 custom questions or topics that users answer.

How long are story videos?

Each segment of the case study / story video is 30 seconds. Each video section is recorded separately, and users can record, preview and rerecord each section as many times as they’d like. Once they completely all 3 questions, we work our magic and compile a seamless video. The finished video is less than 2 minutes.

Where can I use my story videos?

Story videos are perfect to include on service and capability pages on your website. You can also publish them to YouTube and utilize them on your social media pages. Story videos can also be used during the sales process by pointing potential customers to your previous work and letting your clients share in their own words how you solved their problem.

What makes a great story video?

If you’re creating a case study video, asking the right questions is key. Think about your audience and the specific problem you solved for your client or customer and customize your questions to highlight the specific value you provided. Case study videos should be:

  • Client-focused
  • Tells a story
  • Speak from the heart
  • Be specific

Story Videos Beat Text – Every Time

A good case study video tells the story of your customer from their point of view — and how your business helped to solve their problems. All of this builds credibility for your brand. Rather than you telling your potential customers how great you are, case study videos allow your happy customers to do the talking. But with video case studies, they literally get to talk. And that can make all the difference.

Here are why story videos are so important:

  • Story videos are more convincing
  • Story videos are more emotional
  • Story videos are more engaging
  • Story videos convert better than text