Agency +Plus: Add Video Marketing to Your Suite of Services

Now you can provide video marketing services to your clients and manage your their accounts from a single login.


Video Marketing Made Easy

Create  video content calendar for your clients and use the Tribe Video platform to manage your clients’ video marketing needs.

Let us show you how you can add video marketing to your service offering, increase recurring revenue and add value for your clients.

The founders of Tribe Video have nearly 25 years of digital marketing experience and understand the unique challenges that agencies and design studios face. By leveraging the power of Tribe Video, you can provide video marketing tools to your clients and increase you monthly revenue by managing their video marketing campaign. Whether it’s managing the collection and production of customer testimonials, helping your clients create branded videos, setting up YouTube, adding videos to your clients’ website or social media or creating custom video thumbnail graphics for you clients’ videos, there are lots of ways to incorporate Tribe Video and make more money – while providing a valuable service.


The Perfect Video Marketing Tools for Your Agency

Tribe Video is the most affordable way to provide video marketing.

Whether you’re a marketing consultant, design studio, web design company or social media expert, you can leverage the power of video marketing for your clients to increase your revenue and provide a valuable service to help you grow your clients’ businesses.

Agency +PLUS

Tribe Video has developed the Agency +Plus to meet the specific needs of organizations that need to manage multiple accounts.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective video marketing solution for your clients, look no further. The Tribe Video Agency +Plus was developed with you in mind. With nearly 25 years of digital marketing experience, our team understands that unique challenges that face agencies, design studios and marketing consultants. This plan is the perfect solution for agencies and individuals who want to add video marketing to their offering and use it to upsell and cross-sell their marketing services.

Setup Fee


Monthly Price





Agency Plan Features

Manage Unlimited User Accounts
Manage 5 or 500 accounts for one small fee
Manage All Accounts from Single Dashboard
Managers have a single login to manage all users
Additional Functionality for Managers
Reset or Replace Videos after Processing
FREE Tribe+Plus Account
Agency Plans comes with a single free unlimited account.
Premium Support
Our goal is your success.

FREE Tribe +PLUS Account with Agency +PLUS

What is the Tribe Video Agency +Plus?

The Tribe Video Agency +Plus allows a designated user to manage other user accounts, upload and produce videos, and includes additional features that not available to normal Tribe +Plus accounts.

What additional functionality does it offer?

The Agency +Plus Manager is able to access all assigned accounts with a single login. Additional functionality includes the ability to reset previously accepted videos to change settings such as music and calls to action. Agency Managers also have the ability to override previously accepted videos. For example, if the lighting or audio quality wasn’t good or there was a mistake, you have the ability to upload and replace the video.

Who should use the Agency +Plus Plan?

The Tribe Video Agency +Plus Plan is perfect for anyone who needs to manage multiple accounts. This includes design studios, web design companies, marketing consultants, etc.

Do I have to pay for a separate Tribe +Plus account to be a manager?

No! The Agency +Plus plan comes with a FREE Tribe +Plus account.

What's the best way to demo Tribe Video with my clients?

You can either use your free Tribe +Plus account, but this means clients will see everything you are doing for other accounts. We recommend setting up a second account just for demos. Normal monthly fees will apply for the demo account.

Can we whitelabel Tribe Video?

We encourage agency partners to work with Tribe Video as “premium partners” rather than white labeling our platform. Agencies have a couple of options when it comes to billing. Some partners have their clients pay the monthly Tribe +Plus fee and then bill them separately for their retainer for their ongoing video marketing services or use our platform as a add-on service to their existing offering. Others have the clients setup their own account and we bill the client directly. Either way, we have the ability to add the user account to your Agency +Plus plan.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our goal is your success. We value our agency partners and provide training in setting up accounts, provide sample videos you can use on your own website, as well as tips and resources to upsell and cross-sell video marketing services.

Do you have a contract for your agency plan?

No! All of our services are month-to-month, include the agency plan.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes. There is a one-time $250 setup fee for Agency partners.