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The Only 4 Video Marketing Tools You Need

Grow your business, stand out from the competition, and increase engagement.

01. Video Testimonials

With a few simple clicks your customers can leave video testimonials from any device.

Video testimonials are the gold standard of video marketing. They build trust and credibility by letting your happy customers share their experiences.  With our easy-to-use video testimonial software you can collect customer testimonials, add custom animated logos, music, and custom calls-to-action to your videos.


02. Video Email

Cut through the Inbox clutter and get your emails noticed.

Video emails are the most effective way to get your emails noticed, personalize your brand and connect with new and existing customers. Our easy-to-use video email software enables you to send video emails from any device. Start sending video emails today.


03. Branded Videos

Branded videos increase your brand awareness and sales.

Branded videos increase your awareness, connect with customers, personalize your brand and help you stand out from the competition. Whether you need to create videos to explain your products or services, share pro tips, or introduce your team members, Tribe Video makes this process simple.


04. Story Videos

Tell a story video with multiple video clips.

Story videos are perfect for multi-step instructions, sharing tips or any application where you’d like break up your video content into several segments. It’s a great way to create engaging video content.


Our 90-min Coaching Call Gets You Started

Expert advice. Understand best practices. Gain confidence on camera.

In less than 5 minutes, you can begin creating professionally branded marketing videos for your business.

The Tribe Video marketing platform makes creating professional marketing videos easy and affordable. By using the tools you have right now – a cell phone, tablet or any device with a web cam – you can capture video content and create professionally branded videos in a few easy steps.


Did You Know?

Here are a few facts about video that will blow your mind!

Internet Uses Love Video Content

85% of all internet users in the US watched online video content monthly on any of their devices.

Consumers Want More Video

54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands or businesses they support.

87% of Marketers Use Video

Video is a power marketing tool, and most marketing professionals utilize video marketing.

Videos are Favorite Social Content

Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media.

Video Marketing = Profit

88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing efforts on social media.

Video Marketing = More Leads

Video marketing is a strong lead generation channel averages 66% more qualified leaders per year.

Video Marketing = Purchases

8 of 10 people have purchased software or an app after watching a brand video.

Videos Engage Users on Websites

The average user spends 88% more time on a website that includes video.

Video Popularity is Growing

Internet users spent 06:48 per week watching videos online in 2019. This number continues to grow.

Who Needs Video Coaching?

Tribe Video is perfect for any small business!

Video is here to stay. And today video is the fastest pathway to trust, but too many folks are uncertain what to say, how to go-live, or what tools they need to be successful. Our video marketing coaching answers these questions and more! Our clients include:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Medical Offices
  • Home Services
  • Business Coaches
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Animal Hospitals
  • Chiropractors
  • Web Designers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Insurance Agents
  • Auto Dealers
  • Restaurants
  • Non-profits
  • And so many more!